Azores Smart Islands: Make your trip to the Azores even more special and interactive

The Azores Smart Islands app, a smart tourism solution developed by mobinteg that connects the 9 islands of the Azores, is now available to all residents and tourists. Azores Smart Islands represents one of the largest and most ambitious smart tourism projects in Europe, providing all users with dozens of routes and hundreds of points of interest spread across the 19 Azorean municipalities, and more than 50 sources of news and events, updated in real time.

With Azores Smart Islands, tourists and locals have access to a wide range of information about museums, parks, monuments and many other places of interest on the 9 Azorean islands. This smart tourism solution offers a convenient and intuitive way to explore the cultural and natural riches of the islands, voted by National Geographic as the second best islands in the world for sustainable tourism.

The Azores Smart Islands project also included the installation of physical and digital signage on the 9 islands. This signage, with state-of-the-art technology, will allow visitors to obtain up-to-date information on nearby points of interest, precise directions and personalized suggestions based on their interests. The combination of physical and digital signage ensures that all users have quick and easy access to the information they need to make the most of the Azores’ cultural and natural wealth.

Azores Smart Islands

“Azores Smart Islands represents a significant milestone in Azorean tourism. We are proud to offer an innovative and comprehensive solution that will allow all citizens to discover and explore all the wonders that the islands have to offer, in an interactive and personalized way,” says Pedro Geraldes, co-founder and managing partner of mobinteg.

With Azores Smart Islands, smart tourism is now within the reach of all tourists and residents of the archipelago. Developing a project on this scale was no easy task, as connecting the 19 municipalities of the 9 Azorean islands presented significant challenges in terms of territory and infrastructure. These challenges were overcome thanks to a joint effort by all parties, as well as close collaboration with the Local Action Groups (LAGs) – GRATER, ASDEPR, ARDE and Adeliaçor – which were the project promoters and articulated the relationship with the municipalities and the consortium responsible for implementation. These LAGs were also responsible for the content made available on the app, in conjunction with the municipalities.

Thanks to this dedication and partnership, it has been possible to establish a solid infrastructure that allows useful information to be made available in real time to the entire region, helping the archipelago to take an important step towards becoming a true smart destination.

mobinteg was the technological partner of the consortium, which also included GLOBALEDA and Zona de Ideias, local companies that supported the implementation, management and coordination of the project, funded by ProRural+ and the Government of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Azores Smart Islands is now available for public use and can be downloaded free of charge at the App Store and Google Play