Beacon Technology for the Middle Ages

Portugal’s Óbidos Medieval Market featured approximately 50 Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to bring location-based content to visitors of its jousting tournaments, pubs, restaurants and services.

Visitors to the city of Óbidos, Portugal, this summer immersed themselves in medieval history with the help of 21st-century technology in the form of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based data on their cell phones. With the SMIITY BLE beacons, from mobinteg, as well as apps on their smartphones, individuals could stroll through 14th-century markets while scrolling through location-based data on their phones. The technology enabled them to view information regarding local stores, taverns and events, based on where they were located.

The Medieval Market of Óbidos is an annual festival that immerses visitors in a medieval-period marketplace. Each year, hundreds of actors clad in medieval costumes take over the streets of the historic district, including noblemen, beggars, muledrivers and sreet performs, such as musicians, dancers and jugglers.

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