Best year ever at the Botanical Gardens has SMIITY

The Madeira Botanical Garden Engineer Rui Vieira registered, in 2017, the highest number of visitors ever: more than 376,000.

Of the various investments made in the Madeira Botanical Garden Engenheiro Rui Vieira, the intervention in the cliff adjacent to Ribeira de João Gomes, which was completely destroyed by the 2016 fire, is also noteworthy.

According to the SRA, “the intervention carried out aimed to remove all the burnt vegetation and, subsequently, the planting of several species, many of which indigenous, in order to stabilize the slopes and, in the future, obtain again an enriched slope in floristic terms”.

Another highlight is the installation of 10 Beacons in the Madeira Botanical Garden Engenheiro Rui Vieira, small devices that, to those who visit the Garden and have the SMIITY application installed on a mobile device, provide information about that space.

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