Lisbon Oceanarium – We present the new official app!

It’s official! The Lisbon Oceanarium has a new App to enhance the experience of its visitors. The App is available for iOS and Android and promises to share with the thousands of visitors of the Oceanarium, all the history of its inhabitants.

This project allowed to make the experience (even) more immersive, both for children and adults, as well as to modernize the audioguide that already existed before. For this, an app was developed, free and compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, which works as an audio guide. This audioguide interacts with the various beacons scattered throughout the Lisbon Oceanarium. As you approach a beacon, the user will receive information about that specific point of the exhibition, for a more enriching experience.

The audioguides are available in 6 different languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese), with two different versions, one for adults and another for children where we listen to Vasco the mascot telling the stories.

Try it now. Download and enjoy your visit!


by mobinteg & Blueticket

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