mobinteg and AEOP develop iGestSaúde app to support cancer patients

The new app from the Portuguese Oncology Nursing Association (AEOP) is now available. Developed by mobinteg, iGestSaúde is an innovative digital tool designed to support cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments.

The main objective of the iGestSaúde app is to promote the monitoring and control of the management of cancer patients’ therapeutic regimen, with the aim of improving quality of life and strengthening communication between patients and health professionals.

Through the app, users will be able to fill in quality of life and other questionnaires, find out about the levels of toxicity associated with treatments, assess the effectiveness of treatments and record clinical parameters requested by health professionals (temperature, weight, etc.).


Subsequently, the app will give the user a list of recommendations based on the type or level of symptom, which they can apply in their daily lives in order to improve their symptoms and quality of life.

The iGestSaúde app, which can be used by patients, is accessible after the patient has been registered and validated by a healthcare professional, via a web platform, where the healthcare professional has access to data, treatments and alerts in real time.

The main features of the iGest Saúde app include:

  • Receiving alerts for the time and indications for administering prescribed medication on time and in SOS;
  • Validation of medication administration by healthcare professionals;
  • Indication of symptoms experienced in three alert levels (green, yellow and red) for the main complications associated with cancer treatments and recommendations for each type of alert;
  • Access to information on the hospital/oncology day center where you undergo treatment;
  • Glossary of medical terms associated with cancer and treatments;
  • Visualization of the health condition and its evolution through a series of graphs.

For Nurse Célia Santos, Coordinating Professor at the Porto School of Nursing and of the iGestSaúde project, “the introduction of iGestSaúde represents a significant transformation in the way cancer patients manage their illness on a daily basis. This application not only facilitates the monitoring of symptoms and medication, but also ensures that healthcare professionals can offer more personalized and effective support.”

“We believe that iGestSaúde will allow patients greater autonomy, offering them a tool that promotes adherence to treatment and improves their quality of life. The ability to share data in real time with health professionals is one of the great advances provided by this application,” he adds.

The iGestSaúde app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.