mobinteg is in Link to Leaders’s top 50 companies

Link to Leaders made a list of 50 companies that responded to their challenge to explain what they are doing and what they are aiming for today. And mobinteg is part of it.

mobinteg will be present at the Web Summit with two projects, the SMIITY app and the “Tá Pedido” platform. SMIITY is a pioneering solution that goes beyond conventional tourist guides, since it allows points of interest to communicate with their citizens and tourists through the Bluetooth connection to small emitters of signals: the beacons.

When you are in the vicinity of a beacon, you will receive push notifications with unique content alluding to that location, being the “narrator” of your own story. In addition to the points of interest, SMIITY offers contextual and local information, from news, events and trails, also allowing the sharing of this content in social media.

“Tá Pedido” is a flexible, on-demand transportation management platform that seeks to cover traditional public transport failures, fill poor accessibility and promote social inclusion, improving and increasing access to goods and services. It will be officially presented to the public at the Web Summit. Through the app, the client (or family member) can use the decentralized service (Town Hall, House of People, among other entities), call the coordinating center and request a trip, identifying the origin, destination and time.

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