About Us


We have a team of professionals working across different departments in order to make our products as efficient and customized as possible.

Our strength lies in the diverse and talented individuals who drive our mission of transforming digital experiences. Our team is a dynamic blend of seasoned experts and innovative thinkers, united by a shared passion for technology and excellence.


Our leadership team steers mobinteg with a vision for the future and a commitment to excellence. With decades of combined experience in technology and business strategy, they guide our path to innovation and growth. Their hands-on approach ensures that every project we undertake aligns with our core values of quality, integrity, and customer-centricity.
Fernando Pinto

Fernando Pinto

Founder and Managing Partner

Pedro Miguel Geraldes

Pedro Miguel Geraldes

Co-Founder and Managing Partner


mobinteg’s work environment is healthy, intentional, and collaborative. Our company isn’t a blip on our team members’ resumes–it’s a place where careers grow. We believe in our work, we believe in our team, and we believe in the common goals we set with our clients.

When disagreement sets in, we respectfully and constructively work through problems for even better outcomes. mobinteg has built an environment where people can do their best work, while establishing trust with our clients and their stakeholders.