Tourism is evolving. The traditional guidebook and map have been replaced with smartphones and digital platforms. And SMIITY – Smart Tourism Platform developed by mobinteg is at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Here are some of the key features of our solution, useful for businesses and municipalities that wish to integrate our system in their tourism strategy:

🌐 Comprehensive information on a city’s points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, monuments, museums, and more

ℹ️ Relevant details for each point of interest, such as contacts, schedules, texts, photos, and videos

🗺️ Curated trails with instructions on a map, complemented by beacon interaction and audioguides

🗓️ Up-to-date calendar of events, allowing travelers to plan their trip around specific events or discover new experiences

📰 Real-time news feed for staying informed and making informed decisions on the go

🎧 Multilingual audioguides for a more immersive and personalized experience

📍 Geolocation feature for easy navigation in a new city and maps

📱 Augmented reality feature for an interactive and engaging way to explore and learn about a city’s points of interest

SMIITY is a game-changer for smart tourism. Its comprehensive information, real-time updates, and innovative features make it the go-to platform for travelers looking for a seamless and enjoyable experience.