The Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority (ASF) App provides useful information and services in the context of insurance, reinsurance, pension fund and insurance mediation activity in Portugal. It also allows the user to scan a vehicle’s registration plate using the smartphone camera.

News and publications
News in the insurance and pension fund sector, providing institutional publications and practical information on insurance, including news, current legislation and regulations, statistics, public consultations, mandatory disclosures and official announcements.

Car insurance verification
Car insurance check, which uses the device’s camera or a pre-existing photograph to, in a few seconds, identify a vehicle’s license plate and inform the user about the existence and validity of car insurance, policy number, insurance company and insurance start date.

Online and offline access
All the publications that the application makes available can be downloaded to the mobile device and accessed offline, so that the user can enjoy and manage the content that interests them, anywhere and at any time.