Oceanário de Lisboa
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An audioguide with adult and child versions that accompany visitors throughout the Lisbon Oceanarium (Oceanário de Lisboa) tour. Whenever approaching a beacon, the user receives a notification about where he is, and can set the language in which he wants to read or listen to.

Opened in 1998, during the last world exhibition to take place in the 20th century, entitled “The oceans, a heritage for the future”, the Oceanário de Lisboa has eternalised the centuries-old bond between Lisbon and the ocean.

The Oceanário de Lisboa is a large public aquarium whose prestige is widely recognised, not only in Lisbon and Portugal, but also across the world. Visited by approximately 1 million people every year, the Oceanário is the most popular cultural attraction in Portugal.

The excellent exhibitions organised by the Oceanário and the architectural features of its buildings, full of symbolism, allow for a unique, unforgettable experience. The Oceanário consists of two buildings connected by a large forecourt: the original Edifício dos Oceanos (“Oceans Building”) and the new Edifício do Mar (“Sea Building”). The forecourt, from which the exhibitions and the educational area can be accessed, boasts a magnificent panel featuring 55 thousand tiles.

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