SMIITY recognized as Top Innovator in the United States

SMIITY was recognised as a “Top Innovator” by the “Wireless Technology Forum” on 15 March 2018 in Atlanta, United States of America. This forum showcases and recognises the most innovative mobile and wireless companies present in the United States of America.

Founder Fernando Pinto attended the event and shared what Mobinteg has been doing in the scope of mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) platforms.

In a conference whose scope was the SmartCities theme, with emphasis on the role of mobile devices and the Internet of Things, SMIITY’s functionalities stood out for their vision of the future applied to today’s world.

SMIITY, which had also been voted “Best International Tourism App” at “FITUR 2018” in Madrid, is a solution compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing regions, cities and monuments to communicate with tourists and citizens. All through interaction with beacons, small signal emitters that send information to the user’s smartphone.

The conference focused on the issue of people with disabilities and how cities today adapt to this reality. This is also a key point, and several speakers highlighted the example of SMIITY, namely the text-to-speech functionality. This functionality converts text content into audio, making SMIITY more user-friendly for the blind community.

In the application it is also possible to have an augmented reality experience, in the search for points of interest, where the smartphone’s camera opens and by turning the device around, the citizen or tourist can view the main points of interest near him/her.

Another point of innovation is the new SMIITY BOX version, a device that allows very interesting indicative metrics to be obtained in terms of air quality, noise level, humidity or movement/count through movement sensors.

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